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ranel tho

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I love the Result!! Comment what you get! |||Credit to the Owner||| @thecarlospena @jamesmaslow @kendizzzzle @bigtimerushagram #loganhenderson #kendallschmidt #jamesmaslow #carlospena #btr #bigtimerush #english #vietnamese #google

aww so true i love it! BTR Will never Die.

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kendall and logan are friends for a reason

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logie lets arm westle

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Do you understand how happy this makes me
Could he be any more perfect

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High Quality Photos; Big Time Rush Braves Some Big Time Rain In New York City

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requested by lov3-and-liv3

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Title: Unknown
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Kendall Schmidt laughing

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Halston Sage and Zac Efron on the set of ‘Townies’ in Los Angeles, CA (25 apr’13)

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Four years ago, I would have never thought that my life could be impacted and influenced so much by four crazy, sweet, talented, and damn right gorgeous men like it has been by these guys right here! Big Time Rush has gotten me through the ups and downs of life, given me so many reasons to smile, but most of all, they have given me hope. Hope that true gentlemen do still exist in this world, hope that there are bands still out there who still care about their fans, and have not let the fame go to their heads.

Rushers, no matter what happens with the future of BTR, just remember the four goofballs from Minnesota who graced our TV screens with their beautiful smiles and handsome faces who made us laugh until we cried, called us all Covergirls, gave us hope, and most of all, made us smile!

Because I will always love and never forget those four goofballs, long past when the credits stop rolling

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